How to Use Color Correcting Makeup: It’s Not as Hard as You Think!

How to Use Color Correcting Makeup: It’s Not as Hard as You Think! I Mirra Skincare

While flesh toned concealers have been the go to cover up for facial blemishes, color correcting makeup combines concealers with pastel hues like green, yellow, and purple. These shades might seem like an odd choice, but color correcting makeup is a cosmetic method that uses complementary hues to blur and mask any obvious skincare flaws. 


1. Finding your shade

2. How to color correct

3. The products

Key Points

  • Color correcting makeup can be more efficient at hiding facial blemishes than traditional flesh tone concealers.
  • Color correction uses complementary colors to neutralize any inconsistencies in the skin based off color theory.
  • Depending on your skin tones and undertones, different colors may be better for problem areas.

Finding your shade

Color correction is used to balance unfavorable skin tones, such as redness or purple under-eye circles (remember color theory from painting class?). This practical technique has been used by makeup artists for years, but it has only lately entered mainstream cosmetics. 

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While it will probably take some trial and error - and several YouTube tutorials - these are the very basics of color correcting makeup:

  1. Purple: Purple color correctors take away lighter colored tones or a complexion that is yellow in appearance. For people who want to cover acne scars or revitalize dull skin, this is great. Purple balances yellow and gives off a bright, healthy vibe.
  2. Yellow: The other way around, yellow balances out blue and purple tones. On light skin tones, they are most frequently used to lighten dark circles and under-eye shadows. They are also effective as a base for eyeshadow.
  3. Orange/Red: For people with dark skin tones who wish to cover up discoloration or dark circles, orange and red concealers are perfect.
  4. Pink: Pink can brighten dull skin and hide traces of fatigue.
  5. Green: Redness caused by issues like acne or skin allergies is neutralized by green.

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    How to color correct

    When applying color correcting makeup, first apply a primer then apply a small amount of color and blend with a damp makeup sponge before applying your foundation. Then continue with your makeup routine as normal.

    The key is blending the colors well before you start your routine so that you have an even canvas. You want to consciously use gentle strokes with the rest of your makeup so as to not disturb the colors underneath. 

    • For dark circles: Make a "V" shape with your chosen color corrector, situating the tops by the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Using a tiny concealer brush, blend out the "V" shape beneath your eyes.
    • For redness: Apply green color corrector wherever it is most needed to counteract redness. For many, this entails swiping close to your nose and your cheeks. Use a small concealer brush or sponge to blend.
    • For dark spots or blemishes: Apply yellow color corrector in dots and short swipes atop dark areas and imperfections. Use a small concealer brush or sponge to blend.
    • For dullness: Apply a brief, horizontal swipe of lavender color corrector to your cheekbones to brighten them up. Use a small concealer brush or sponge to blend.

    *Waiting a few minutes to let the colors dry is highly recommended to achieve the cleanest look. Additionally, remember to clean your makeup brush or sponge to avoid transferring color where you don't want it. That time you're sitting there waiting for your face to dry seems like a great opportunity ;)

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    The products

    If you want to try this fun technique, getting a basic color correction set is the first step. Here are just a few to choose from: 

    1. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Concealer Color-Correcting Palette: This palette contains 6 color-correcting concealers that have been carefully selected to coordinate and cover trouble spots. The yellow and peach hide dullness and dark circles, green conceals redness, purple and pink brighten, and light brown masks small flaws. This brand is recognized and approved by PETA as a cruelty-free brand, and never uses animal testing. And best of all, this palette is only $12.
    2. AMIIR Color correcting makeup: This palette features four colors: peach yellow purple and green. The hues in this set appear similar but lighter than those in the NYX, it is also similarly priced at $11.
    3. Stila Correct And Perfect All In One Color Correcting Palette: If you are looking for a bit of a splurge, this $45, 6 color palette comes in a cute marbled case. It features 6 colors similar to the NYX palette with the addition of a translucent setting powder. This makeup is also infused with vitamins A, C, and E to combat dryness caused by other makeup products. 

    In theory, this technique sounds amazing, however in all honesty it's probably a little difficult to implement. But with some practice, you can even your complexion with a lot fewer layers of foundation and concealer. If you do decide on experimenting with these fun concealers, remember to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your face afterward. 

    Written by Kiana St Onge

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