Carrot Seed Oil Benefits: What You Need to Know About This Ingredient

Carrot Seed Oil Benefits: What You Need to Know About This Ingredient

Maybe it’s the pandemic, or maybe I’m getting older, but one thing’s become crystal clear for me: I’m ready to commit to something serious.

You know, something that will fight by my side through life’s harshest realities (looking at you, wrinkles). Something that’s been proven to do more than just improve skin, but hair as well. Something reliable, yet... gentle. But enough about my ideal date - this, my friends, is how I found my one true love. Its name? Carrot seed oil.

Part anti-inflammatory, part antibacterial, it’s no wonder that carrot seed oil has become one of the most sought-after additions to the modern skincare ritual. But before you scream “marry me!” and start planning the honeymoon, let’s get introductions out of the way first: here’s everything you need to know about carrot seed oil benefits and why it may just be your skincare soulmate. 

What is carrot seed oil? 

Before I tell you what carrot seed oil is, let me tell you what it isn’t. Although strikingly similar and nearly identical, carrot seed oil is different from its often mistaken cousin, carrot oil. Despite this fact, though, that doesn’t stop people from accidentally interchanging the two for each other. Hot tip: don’t.

The two are not interchangeable and for a number of good reasons. For one, carrot oil consists of pulverized carrot roots plus a carrier oil, like coconut or olive. Carrot seed oil, however, is derived from the carrot seed itself, called Daucus carota. Two different methods, two different results.

But the most important distinction between the two lies in the benefits: carrot oil contains a solid amount of Vitamin A, while carrot seed oil has none. So what makes carrot seed oil benefits stand out, then? The ever-popular luteolin, an antioxidant that has been shown to help fight certain cancer cells. Bingo, sign me up!

And, as if distinguishing one from the other while you read that wasn’t confusing enough, there’s another sibling in the carrot oil family - carrot seed essential oil. Luckily for us, this version is less studied and doesn’t carry the same reputation as its essential-lacking counterpart, so we’ll set that one aside for now (or you can brush up on essential oils here.)  

Moral of the story? stick to carrot seed oil. Skip the others.

What are carrot seed oil benefits? 

Now that you know a little more about what it’s about, let’s talk about the carrot seed oil benefits.

I already mentioned its antioxidant/age-defying/antibacterial properties, but let’s dive a little deeper and discuss the biggest reasons that carrot seed oil has proven it’s worth: 


Studies suggest that carrot seed oil can help fight the effects of liver damage through its antioxidant properties. Forming a shield of protection against free radicals, carrot seed oil can also help prevent cell damage. 

Supports Healthy Skin & Hair

Speaking of antioxidants: another benefit of this particular effect appears on our skin and hair. Although evidence of carrot seed oil’s moisture-rich properties is lacking, it’s thought that the same antioxidants that help fight liver damage also help protect our hair & skin from harm. Hello, freshly coiffed hair and younger-looking skin – I’ve missed you. 

carrot seed oil benefits mirra skincare

Fights Cancer Cells 

Scientists dedicate their entire careers to finding a cure for cancer, which leads them to experiment with a number of different ingredients to monitor their effects. In several studies, carrot seed oil proved to be potent in fighting cancer-causing cells, particularly in cases of colon, breast, and skin cancer. 


The most researched (and scientifically backed) benefit of carrot seed oil is its antibacterial qualities. Researchers have found that a certain chemical found in carrot seed oil, called alpha-pinene, is the reason for its effectiveness. Staph, yeast, salmonella, and many more strains of harmful bacteria have all lost the battle with this powerful component. This also makes it an effective remedy for tough infections and wounds. 

How do you use carrot seed oil? 

As with any new addition to your skincare routine, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before you begin. This will help prevent any unwanted side effects, and ensure that you’re using the right mixture of carrot seed oil to carrier oil for your skin.

Once you’ve been given the okay, make sure you only buy your oil from reputable, well-known sources. Again, this helps ensure you get the right mixture of carrot seed oil to carrier oil, and it prevents you from accidentally purchasing an ineffective dupe. Carrot seed oil is cold-pressed with care from organic carrots, so you want to make sure your product of choice is well-researched and professionally backed.

As is the general rule of thumb with most essential oils, mix approximately 3-5 drops of carrot seed oil with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil, like safflower or coconut, for best results. Do not apply carrot seed oil directly without a carrier oil!

If you purchase a bottle of pre-mixed oil, simply apply as instructed, or once a day until you can confidently rule out any potential allergies. After that, use as much as you feel necessary (we suggest twice a day at most, applying to your skin and scalp).

Looking for more than just a skincare boost? Carrot seed oil benefits even extend to aromatherapy. Simply add a few drops to your diffuser with water and reap the antioxidant, disease-preventing benefits (yes, it does, in fact, smell like carrots.) The only clear no-no? Ingesting it. Unless instructed by your physician, studies have yet to confirm whether it’s safe or not to ingest carrot seed oil, so it’s best to avoid. 

Final Thoughts 

Clearly, carrot seed oil deserves a little more credit than we’ve been giving it. It protects vital organs, keeps our skin young, and fights back against bacteria in times of trouble. Give it a try yourself and see how carrot seed oil benefits can work for you - I wish you two a long, happy & successful future.

Written by Adrianne Neal


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