Calling My Tampon Tribe: Lets Talk CBD

It’s funny, because the phrase, “my time of the month ”sounds like it should be a wonderful and super exciting span of time where it is “our time to shine” and the world is fully our oyster. But sadly, this is often so far from the case.

For all the ladies out there, our “time of the month” can often come with much dread and frustration. While our hormones are often on a trip we can’t control, this is a time where we can often feel most vulnerable, mentally tired, stressed, and less patient. Of course there is so much beauty in getting our periods, but instead of basking in the glory of being a woman, the emotional roller coaster and overwhelm us too many a time.

So why do I write this? For some of us ladies, running into CVS simply to pick up tampons or pads often comes with the decision to pick up a pack of Ibuprofen, Midol, or another pain killer. Recently, I’ve been concerned about the amount of pills I put in my body around my period. And listen, I understand my doctor suggesting to “chase the pain” by taking pills every four hours before cramps arise, but, I’ve been on the search to find a healthier option for my insides. And thankfully, I’ve found a natural supplement that I can confidently swear-by: CBD.

So what is CBD you may ask? CBD is a non intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp. Products that are high in THC generally come from marijuana while products that are low in THC but high in CBD generally come from the hemp plant. Things can get confusing, so let’s break it down!

CBD is a component of the cannabis plant, but it is not the same thing as THC (aka tetrahydrocannabinol, known for its psychoactive properties) — so you won’t get high. Second, it bares repeating: CBD is non-psychoactive. You will not get high from it. Third, it’s 100-percent legal across state lines and can be shipped to and from all 50 states!!! (1) (2)

There are many reasons to use CBD during your period, put in particular, CBD is used as an anti inflammatory product. This means, it can help reduce headaches, bloating, and all the annoying side affects of our “red dawn”. CBD is also keenly known for countering nausea (pro tip: take a drop under your tongue when you wake up with a pretty gnarly hangover - replace Advil with CBD and feel endlessly more buoyant and clear headed ;) ). CBD also has major calming effects, aiming to lessen the blow of stress and pain (particular during a time like this). Another benefit, research demonstrates that CBD can be a promising treatment for acne thanks to its effective anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to inhibit excess sebum (oil) production. (1)

The easiest way to take CBD oil is to place it directly under your tongue and hold for 15-20 seconds to get it into our system a little quicker. And while CBD won’t make you feel ‘high’, it totally can zen you out in ways, helping some of the added stresses float away (4). Another pro tip: CBD oil contains natural fatty acids so it mixes best with other fats when drinking in a beverage or adding to most recipes. You can mix with a high fat-based milk or ghee/coconut oil and blend in a blender for best results. (3) ps. we’re happy to share that the World Health Organization released an article on CBD’s safety in November of 2017 stating that CBD does not appear to have ‘abuse potential or cause harm’. (3)

Ok, so ready for some fav products for menstrual cramps and joint aches? The Papa & Barkley relief Tincture is one that I have tried and found to be quite effective for eliminating nausea, joint pain (I have bad wrists), to leaving you with an overall sense of calm. The ratio is 1:30 (THC:CBD) meaning, very limited psychoactivity from the THC, as this tincture is made up mostly of CBD (aka, mental calm without the psychoactive trip). I without a doubt sense an overall mental and body calm (because of the light addition of THC in this case).

In terms of an amazing topical product at the moment, I’m loving Blue Ridge Hemp Co.’s products. For a lot of ladies, back aches and pain can be a real things during your time of the month, and topical CBD can be your best friend in helping this pain subside. Appling the Blue Ridge Hemp Co. CBD infused Gel with 200mg of CBD before bed on my lower back helps immensely to relieve pain. It also is great on your tummy and abdomen to add a tingly feeling above your uterus when dealing with cramps!

Above all else, we’re so lucky to live in a time where so much alternative medicine is finally becoming mainstream. More people are re-thinking marijuana and more states are leaning into the idea that cannabis can provide effective, non-addictive alternatives to, say, the painkiller crisis (1).

By Alison Jaye

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