The Best Glossier Products You Need and the Ones You Can Pass On

The Best Glossier Products You Need and the Ones You Can Pass On I Mirra Skincare

If there’s one brand that is completely and endlessly adored by both avid makeup enthusiasts and au natural beauty babes alike, it's Glossier. Founded in 2014, this overnight makeup and skincare sensation is known for its pretty-in-pink packaging and is loved for its ability to work some minimalistic makeup magic, and there is certainly a reason this beauty brand has become a cult classic. But in the spirit of being honest, just like with every makeup brand, certain products tend to leave a more lasting impression than others (if you know what I’m saying), and trying to sort through the *hundreds* of options to find the best Glossier products can be headache-inducing. 

Fortunately, as a member of the aforementioned “cult,” I’m here to provide my own two cents. I’ve perfected my personal guide to help you navigate some of Glossier’s top products. So without further ado, here are the best Glossier products that I think everyone needs (and the ones you can pass on.)


1. Who is Glossier?

2. 5 must-have products

3. The ones you can pass on

4. Final thoughts

Key Points

  • Glossier was created with a “skin first, makeup second” mindset to emphasize and highlight everyone’s individual, natural features. 
  • My favorite Glossier products all have something in common: they’re easy to apply, they go on smooth, and they add the perfect subtle, natural look. 
  • I have yet to find a Glossier product that I hate. Rather, I’ve just found products that I enjoyed, but I probably wouldn’t purchase again. 

Who is Glossier? 

For a little bit of context, Glossier is a brand designed with natural beauty in mind. It started as an online blog forum titled Into the Gloss where founder Emily Weiss launched an inspirational, informative, and encouraging online community for people everywhere to be able to share the products they love. From there, Glossier was created with the hope of actively working to formulate the products that the people said they only dreamed of having.

Starting with her online community, Emily had the dream of reinforcing beauty as a part of her own personal style. She recognized the unfortunate fragmentation of the beauty industry that she saw as having a history of experts giving input on what you should and shouldn’t put on your face, and she realized there needed to be a reformation. Implementing these transformative ideals into the launch of Glossier, she founded the brand with a “skin first, makeup second” mindset to ultimately create products that escalate and glorify everyone’s unique, natural features.

Let’s start with some of the pros and cons of the brand as a whole. 


  • Glossier is a cruelty-free brand with a multitude of vegan products. 
  • They have a 30-day return policy.
  • Their brand isn’t limited to makeup products. It also includes a wide variety of skin and body products. 
  • Their products are a great option for most sensitive skin types (and are all dermatologist-tested.) 
  • All of their products are sourced and created in the United States. 
  • Into the Gloss (their original online community) is still up and running today filled with beauty advice, top-rated skincare and hair products, and up-to-date information on all of the trends. 


  • If you enjoy more full-coverage makeup, Glossier may not be the makeup brand for you. 
  • Some products have limited shade options. 
  • Their products aim to emphasize the glow of your skin rather than to mattify, and this can disagree with oily skin moods. 
  • Aside from a few in-person stores in London, Miami, Los Angeles, and Seattle, Glossier products are sold exclusively on their website, which can make it difficult to try out products. 

Glossier’s chic, modern, and minimalistic packaging are eye-catching, and their marketing is *chef’s kiss.* Let’s get a little more specific and go over some of my ride-or-die products that Glossier has to offer. 

5 Must-have products

To start, I am all here for the no-makeup-makeup trend. The less time and effort it takes me to get ready, the better! Glossier’s products are smooth, easy to apply, and add just enough to make me feel more confident and cute for a night out. These are my top 5 (although I could give you a few honorable mentions) products that I use, without fail, every time I do my makeup. 

1. Cloud Paint- $18 

This product is top-rated by not only me but Glossier users everywhere. This is hands-down the most user-friendly, easy-to-wear cream blush that I’ve ever tried. The formula is super lightweight, so it doesn’t dry sticky or heavy on the face. With collagen as the top ingredient, it hydrates and firms your face to give you color that lasts all day. 

With this formula, a little does a whole heck of a lot. It’s buildable, and the blurring pigments give your cheeks a natural dewy finish, rather than anything too overpowering so it perfectly replicates that, “I just went on a little run,” or “you just gave me too many compliments you’re making me blush,” look. I am a fan-favorite of the shade Beam, but almost every shade has amazing reviews, so it sounds like a win-win. 

2. Boy Brow- $16

    I have dark-as-can-be eyebrows, but they are pretty sparse. Boy Brow is my holy-grail eyebrow gel that gives my brows a full, thick, Cara Delevingne-look without having to pencil them in and draw them on. This is *the* product to perfect the fluffy soap brow trend without actually using soap; the spooly brush helps to shape and groom your brows to perfection. 

    It’s offered in five color shades, plus a clear option that does its job without leaving a trace. While I personally prefer the colored option (I use brown), clear is nice to have on hand for any brow emergencies. This product was inspired by regular hair pomade, but with a little tweaking, and the addition of emollient ingredients, this product conditions and moisturizes the brow without the waxy, stiff feeling that comes with pomade. 

    If I could use one brow product for the rest of my life, it would be Boy Brow. 

    3. Balm Dotcom- $12

      Known on their website as the “cult-favorite, do-everything lip balm,” this universal skin salve surely lives up to its reputation. This was the first Glossier product that I tried, and I have been basically next-level addicted ever since. Available in 9 different colors and flavors, this hydrating, nourishing balm is perfect for any and every problem area on your skin. I’m talking chapped lips, dry knees, cracked elbows– anything

      For chapped lips, my favorite flavors are birthday cake (absolutely heavenly), berry, and coconut.  For other problem areas, I prefer the unscented, untinted balm. The tinted colors provide the perfect, subtle smooth tint for a natural makeup look and are even ideal for the days you’re not wearing any makeup. Let’s just say I can assure you that there is a reason that I, and the rest of the world, have been obsessed for years. 

      4. Generation G- $18

        This product is the newest addition to my Glossier collection and has quickly become one of my favorites. This lipstick comes in six versatile (and essential) shades, but my favorite shade is definitely Cake. The matte tint adapts to your natural lip color to create the perfect, subtle look. Since I got it, it’s been the only lipstick that I use, and it works for every occasion. 

        My biggest complaint originally was that the formula is on the drier side, but I started topping it with the subtly-sparkly birthday cake balm dotcom, and it has been life-changing. Glossier also sells a package called the Lip Finish Duo that includes Generation G and their Ultralip– which adds moisture and the perfect glossy finish. A win-win!

        5. Lash Slick-  $16

          For me, mascara is the most transformative and critical part of my makeup ritual. I desperately need a lengthening, lifting mascara that will save my baby lashes. Fortunately, Lash Slick has me covered. The water-resistant formula is smudge-proof (and tear-proof for those sad days) and conditions your eyelashes for up to 12 hours; it is the perfect “everyday” formula. 

          My favorite part of the mascara is how clump-free and natural it looks. It defines and darkens my lashes all while giving it that natural lash extension look. According to Glossier, this product was designed to get more of a “your lashes look good” response, rather than a “your mascara looks good” response, and I think that sums up the product perfectly. 

          I can’t list my top products without providing some honorable mentions. Two of my favorites that didn’t quite make the cut are Lidstar (an easy-to-apply cream eyeshadow) and the Moisturizing Moon Mask (a face mask that leaves you feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom.) No complaints about either of them, they just don’t quite make the holy-grail cut (if you know what I’m saying.) 

          The ones you can pass on 

          Let me be clear that the products you can probably pass on aren’t bad– they just didn’t “wow” me as much as Glossier products typically do. I have yet to discover one of their products that I flat-out hated, I just probably wouldn’t purchase these again. With that being said, here is my list of the ones you can pass on. 

          1. Haloscope- $22

            This dewy highlighter stick is easy to apply and very moisturizing but it doesn’t last. While certainly a “buildable” product, it was almost too subtle for my preference. In order to keep the glowy look that this highlighter stick provides, you have to make sure you keep the highlighter stick on hand to reapply frequently. Also, it’s tough to wear on top of foundation; it almost smears off the foundation upon applying. 

            2. Pro Tip- $16

              Don’t get me wrong- this liquid eyeliner did the job. It has a perfect tip and has a good, buildable color. However, it may be the most basic eyeliner I’ve used; there is simply nothing special about it. Not to mention, it dried up pretty quickly making it challenging to apply after a few short months. It has 3.6/5 stars on Glossier’s website, and I would agree. It is just an average product. 

              3. Lip Gloss- $14

                To be fair, I had a tough time adding this lip gloss to the list– I really wanted to love it. It has the prettiest shine, ultimate gloss, and makes your lips look big and plump. However, this is the stickiest lip gloss I’ve ever used. Because it is advertised as a product “without the stickiness,” I found it to be extremely misleading, especially considering the sticky feeling lasts for hours. If you can handle the stickiness- this is a beautiful product and one of the prettiest tinted glosses I own. You win some, you lose some!

                Final thoughts

                Overall, Glossier tends to be less of a beauty brand and more of a lifestyle. Each of their makeup and skincare products is dermatologist-tested and adds that little oomph that we all want and need on a daily basis to cheer on our natural features! With a mission to create a brand that is inspired by real-life, Glossier has certainly succeeded in creating a product line that is personal, fun, and easy. 

                They say it best themselves– “we believe that you should give life to your products, products don’t breathe life into you.” 

                Written by Morgan Taylor

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