Bathroom Storage Solutions to Organize Your Beauty Collection

Bathroom Storage Solutions to Organize Your Beauty Collection I Mirra Skincare

Personally, I have always felt like the transition from summer to fall, specifically July to August, symbolized a new start and beginning, rather than the actual new year. It makes sense, this is usually when people halt their vacations and prepare their mindsets to switch back into reality, whether it’s work or school. What better way to start a new beginning than by organizing your house, especially the places you spend the most time? Here at Mirra, we have compiled a list of our favorite bathroom storage solutions to help you get back into the swing of things.


1. How to get started

2. Products you need by category

Key Points

  • Decluttering and organizing your bathroom might be one of the best things you can do for yourself all year. 
  • Whether you like to utilize the drawers and cabinets or use the trendy organizers as decoration, there are many storage options for everyone.
  • All these bathroom storage solutions come in different sizes and colors to fit and match your bathroom aesthetic.  

How to get started

Before we get into the actual products you need to help organize your bathroom, there are some steps we should take to start the organization. 

1. Declutter

Before you buy any storage containers, make sure to dig through those cabinets and drawers and throw anything old or useless away. You don’t want to throw junk into what’s supposed to be your solution to staying clean and organized.

2. Deep clean

It may be more difficult to deep clean the drawers and cabinets after you put the containers in. You don’t have to go crazy and scrub the whole thing down, but maybe take a cleaning wipe or some vinegar and remove as much dirt and dust as you can. 

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3. Turn on some music

If you have to organize or clean, why not make it fun? Cleaning is a form of therapy for me, so I love to turn on my favorite music while I'm organizing. It honestly makes it go by so much faster. 

Products you need by category

If you’re just sick of having constant clutter on the counters, you can utilize the cabinets, drawers, and even doors with these bathroom storage solutions.


This creative invention will keep your brushes, lipsticks, mascaras, perfumes, and other makeup products accessible and organized. This product is decorative and even spins around for a perfect bathroom storage solution

This organizer is great for your larger makeup products. It contains bigger slots and more room for your favorite products. The rectangular shape of this organizer makes it a great product to just slide into the corner of your bathroom counter for optimal space. 

If you’d rather have your makeup hidden in a drawer, there are many tray options out there to tuck your products away in whatever size drawer you've got.

Hair Tools

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These are, in my opinion, the worst but most necessary products to organize. If you’re sick of all of your hair tool wires getting tied together, then you’ll love these organization hacks.

This is the perfect solution to keeping your hair tool separate, yet accessible at all times. Just hang this on the inside of one of your bathroom cabinets, so you can also avoid the cluttered look of your straightening iron out on the counter.

This is one of our favorite hair product organizers because of its multi-use features. We love that it has three slots for the different hair tools such as your blow dryer and flat iron, but it also allows for space for other hair care products such as oils and sprays. This can easily sit right on your countertop, or even inside the cabinets.

If you run out of space in the cabinets and hate counter clutter, then this might be the perfect solution. This organizer mounts to the wall and contains spaces and holders for both your hair tools and products.

Skin Care

These cute little boxes are great for holding all your skincare products. The trendy design means it also looks great on your bathroom counter and still looks like you have your life together. We also love this Etsy organizer because of the cute little drawers to hold cotton balls or any little applicators. It also has a handle making it a portable skin-care box!

I’m sure you’ve seen this trending product all over your social media. Keeping your skincare products cold seems to be the new hit with Gen Z. Luckily, this little beauty mini fridge has a lot of room in it and doubles as a cute little addition to your bathroom. 


You can never have too many shower products, which is why we believe in having as much storage space as possible right in your vicinity. These little shelves give you enough space for all your products and sit perfectly in the corner and out of the way.

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Small showers can be a pain to organize. We love this shower caddy because instead of the shelves sticking out towards you, they stick out sideways, allowing more room for you to enjoy your shower. The eight shelves allow for optimal hair wash storage, and even have a place for your razors and loofahs.


If you don’t have a lot of cabinet space for your towels, then this rack is perfect for you. You can store towels, extra soaps, toilet paper, or anything you need right on this shelf.

A lot of bathrooms come with little to no cabinet or shelving space. This is frustrating when you have no clue where you’re supposed to store bathroom necessities that you may not want just sitting on the counter. Well, this bathroom cart slides right up against your sink and is super thin, making it hardly noticeable. It gives you the shelving space you were robbed of when you saw your bathroom for the first time.

Personally, I'm a clutter freak and hate anything sitting on a counter in the open. These under-the-sink organizers are a perfect way to store all your necessities, plus extras, in a place where no one will ever see them.

Written by Emma Carlson

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