Is The Aqua Jet Razor the Shaving Solution We've Been Looking For?

Is The Aqua Jet Razor the Shaving Solution We've Been Looking For? I Mirra Skincare
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With the hot sun this season, we're wearing lots of tank tops and loose clothing. However, this also means we are also probably shaving and cleaning up a lot more… if you know what I mean. It can get annoying constantly having to shave and apply shaving lotion and moisturizer to avoid those stubborn razor burn bumps. Well, what if I told you that you can throw out that shaving gel and standard razor and still get the most perfect shave? The new Aqua Jet Razor is changing the shaving game for good.


1. What is the Aqua Jet Razor?

2. Is it better than a normal razor?

3. Any concerns

4. Making the switch

Key Points

  • The Aqua Jet Razor is a reusable razor that only uses the power of water to provide a shaving gel and clean shave. 
  • This new and innovative product has many benefits, such as helping us to become more environmentally conscious, as well as providing a cleaner and more moisturized shave. 
  • The Aqua Jet Razor allows us to avoid rubbing chemicals into our skin which can lead to irritation and razor bumps.

What is the Aqua Jet Razor?

The Aqua Jet Razor uses new technology to allow you to achieve the most flawless shave without any product other than water. Essentially, water is injected into the razor and flows through the blades to provide a natural form of lubrication. 

It is also super easy to use! All you do is hook it up to your showerhead and the razor will do all the work of pumping the water through to protect your skin.

Is it better than a normal razor? 

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This new and innovative invention seems like the perfect solution, but how are we sure it is worth the hype? Well, there are many sources and reviews that reveal the great benefits of this razor. 

Environmentally conscious 

As a society, we need to be more mindful of our environmental impact. As individuals, we can always be doing things to reduce our own footprint. The Aqua Jet Razor can be a great way to become more environmentally conscious since it serves as a reusable razor. Gone are the days of going through 20 cheap razors and discarding tons of plastic. You can also cut out the chemical-filled shaving lotions, reducing the amount of chemicals poured into our water system,

Option to receive blades monthly 

If you purchase one of these innovative razors, you will have the option to subscribe and receive a monthly supply of detachable blades. The site states that you should replace your razor head blade every five to seven shaves to avoid any infections or bad razor burn. Even if you decide not to purchase the monthly subscription, you can still buy the disposable cartridges for $1.99.

Continuous cleaning

Since this razor is hooked up to the shower and constantly shooting out water, it simultaneously cleans the area you are shaving. This process prevents dead skin and dirt from getting into the blade, which helps limit irritation and bumps. It also allows the blade to remain clean and sharp for a longer period of time compared to a regular razor blade. 


I’m sure you’re wondering how only using water can be all that moisturizing. Well, this water-powered razor provides a natural lubricant between the skin and blade. The continuous water stream is also extremely hydrating for the skin.

Lack of chemicals 

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You can finally say goodbye to all those harsh, chemical-filled, scented lotions that you apply before you shave. These shaving creams and gels that claim they leave your skin “bump free” and moisturized, do anything but that. I feel as if I never get a clean shave when I use these irritating chemical products. The Aqua Jet Razor removes the need for a gel or cream, saving you time, pain, and money. 

Any concerns

With any product on the market, there are always concerns. And rightfully so. Everyone should have knowledge of the pros and cons of something they are considering purchasing. Here are some of the concerns: 


In a few reviews I read about the products, they stated that it took a few shaves to achieve that baby-soft skin feel. Specifically, these reviews came from men using it to shave their beards who found they were left with a hint of stubble.

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Time consuming setup

Another concern many people had was the setup process. It does look a little confusing, and my first thought was also "uhhhhh how am I supposed to attach this to my shower head?" However, there are many video tutorials posted online by influencers and the company themselves on how to attach the Aqua Jet Razor. 

Making the switch 

Considering all of this information and the many amazing reviews I have read, I would definitely make the switch from a standard razor to an Aqua Jet Razor. Now, don’t get me wrong, I also love to have baby soft skin after I shave…but all the pros of this razor definitely outweigh the cons of having to run the razor down my leg a few times. 

My personal favorite aspect of this razor is how I wouldn’t have to use shaving cream ever again. I have extremely sensitive skin and I hate putting any type of chemical on to my body, but without that moisture, I get irritation and razor burn. This technology is a revolution for fellow sensitive shavers. One that also allows us to take more responsibility for our daily impact on the environment. There are many little changes we all can make to help our Earth now. The Aqua Jet Razor seems to be the exact shaving solution we have ALL been looking for.

Written by Emma Carlson

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