30 Ways To Practice Self-Care On A Budget

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Self-care has become such a buzzword that it's almost lost it's meaning. It's become synonymous with spending exorbitant amounts of money on "nice to have products," all in the name of self-love. But self-care doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. It’s about consistent acts of self-service. For some, that could mean spending $11 on a turmeric latte at Erehwon (whoops), and for others, it could mean getting in a few extra steps in in the morning. And that’s OK. Self-care looks different on everyone. Ultimately, it’s about listening to your body and creating space for yourself. No matter what self-care means to you, there’s one thing we’re certain of: it shouldn’t put you into a financial bind. If you’re on a budget, you’re still worthy of feeling special. And actually, small, daily acts of kindness can go a long way to help manage your general well-being. After reading this timely and thought provoking piece on practicing self-care by Girlboss, we were inspired to create a list of our own. So, without further ado, here’s a list of our 30 favorite ways to practice self-care while on a budget.

  1. Make your bed.
  2. Call someone you haven’t talked to in 6 months. Better yet, FaceTime.
  3. Pick some flowers.
  4. *Actually* floss.
  5. Repeat “I’ll be fine” until you believe it.
  6. Play with clay.
  7. Pick up that hobby you’re thinking about. (Duolingo, we're looking at you!) 
  8. Trim your hair.
  9. Throw away expired beauty products.
  10. Splash cold water on your face.
  11. Turn off email notifications.
  12. Better yet, totally silence your phone (including vibration).
  13. Take a walk during your next phone meeting.
  14. Wake up 10 minutes earlier, and meditate.
  15. Donate clothes you haven’t used in 12 months.
  16. Watch the clouds shape-shift.
  17. Scream in the shower.
  18. Write down the negative thought you’re having, and then physically tear it up.
  19. Articulate 5 things you’re grateful for.
  20. Boycott social media for *gasp* 36 hours.
  21. Put on your favorite song, and dance it out.
  22. Send your favorite song to your favorite person. 
  23. Brew tea.
  24. Write a haiku.
  25. Re-organize your room.
  26. Plant a seed - literally.
  27. Give yourself an oil massage.
  28. Make a needed doctor’s appointment.
  29. Hold a pencil between your teeth.
  30. Look in the mirror, and smile :) 

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