2022 Hair Trends That Will Elevate Any Look

2022 Hair Trends That Will Elevate Any Look I Mirra Skincare

Experts predict that hair color trends in 2022 will be more natural. COVID appears to have pushed individuals to take better care of their hair by using less heat and more treatment-based products, while still appreciating their natural textures. With the base of healthy hair has come bold style; 90’s blow outs, the bixie, bangs, the octopus, let's dive into these and a few other 2022 hair trends we'll be seeing this year. 


1. Super Short 2022 Hair Trends

2. Short 2022 Hair Trends

3. Mid/Long 2022 Hair Trends

4. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • Bold styles are trending in 2022
  • Upkeep and hair health is more important than fancy styling
  • Older styles are making a comeback

Super Short 2022 Hair Trends

1. The Undercut

What will be the largest short haircut trend in the coming months?

The undercut is a hairstyle in which the lengths on the sides and back are chopped shorter typically shaved or close to. The trendy idea is to leave it longer on top but not too styled. On thick hair, a little undercut can be utilized to lessen the amount of volume, especially for those with thick hair.

Short 2022 Hair Trends

1. The Bixie

Have you ever wished for a bob that was somewhat shorter than usual?

Maybe a pixie with a little more length? Fortunately for you, the popular 1990s hairstyle known as the "bixie" is making a comeback in the new year. The bixie gained a reputation for itself by being worn by Princess Diana, as well as a host of different celebrities like Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow. Although the style ultimately faded, we can thank 2022 for bringing it back to us; celebrities are cutting their hair to embrace this tried and tested, fashion-forward cut left and right. 

So, what exactly is a bixie?The hairstyle is notable for its feathery edges and deep, chopped layering. It is half bob, half pixie. The length of the bixie is just in the center of a standard pixie and a typical bob, resulting in some bold face-framing ends. This haircut is wonderful because it can be worn in two ways: as a sloppy, slept-in look, or sleek and close to your head. 

2. The Broom

When you think of a broomstick's end, you probably don't think of a good haircut inspiration – but possibly reconsider. The "broom" haircut trend is a great new twist on the conventional bob, and it's definitely worth a try in 2022. A 'broom' bob, sometimes known as a 'broomstick' bob, is a one-length bob that sits at least an inch beneath the chin. It doesn't really have angles and isn't fashioned in a way that makes it 'swing.' It also lacks layers, resulting in a single line throughout the haircut.

Unlike a regular one-length bob, which allows for a lot of movement, the "broom" haircut seems stiffer and more rigid — but in an extra-dramatic, gotta-have-it kind of way.

3. Modern Bowl Cut

Don't worry, the bowl cut in 2022 isn't the one your mother forced on you in middle school. In reality, today's version of the trend is simple, joyful, bold, and celebrity-driven. You can make it less severe and more wispy and choppy to carry it into the new year, like Rihanna's red-color bowl cut from 2010. Even if you add texture to a bowl cut, it retains its thick appearance.

Mid/ Long 2022 Hair Trends

1. 90’s Blowout

This voluminous blowout emanates an unmatched sense of carefreeness. Anyone with medium-to-long hair will look great in this style. The blowout is likely to rule 2022, with '90s and Y2K layers making a comeback — with demand for the Rachel haircut jumping by 179 percent since the Friends reunion teaser aired, according to cosmetic shop Just My Look.

Adding to its popularity, in the past few months #dysonairwrap has had over 1 Billion views on TikTok. This all in one drying/ styling tool is able to create voluminous bouncy curls in minutes while avoiding heat damage

2. Octopus haircut

Pinterest forecasts that rebel cuts, such as the octopus cut, will be popular in 2022. This year, it'll be all about look-at-me trends that are impossible to overlook, rather than hidden under soft layers. Furthermore, according to the image-sharing platform, searches for "octopus hair" hair have increased by 50% in the previous year. Gen Z and Millennials are driving this trend all around the world, but particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and India.

The octopus hairstyle is a hybrid of the shaggy and mullet styles, with a lot of volume on top and layers throughout the hair. To produce the illusion of octopus tentacles, the outer edges should be delicate — preferably sliced with a razor.

3. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are '70s-inspired bangs that are split exactly down the center and swept to each side. Bangs are one of the most disputed hair trends, but they'll be sticking around far into the new year, and curtain bangs are a noncommittal option. When it comes to bangs, curtain bangs are the new norm. Keeping them longer rather than shorter, will keep them looking fresh from previous seasons. They've soared in popularity, with a search spike of 828 percent in the last year. They're a disco-era classic.

Final Thoughts

No matter what hairstyles you try out this year, healthy hair is the key. Wash your hair regularly, try to use natural products, and nourish your body with a healthy diet to ensure healthy hair from within. 

Written by Kiana St. Onge


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