Ask a Vegan: Why is Vegan Beauty So Popular?

In the age of the 
clean beauty uprising, Kristina Plummer of San Francisco, CA (pictured above)  has long been an advocate and strong voice within the vegan community. Through careful lifestyle changes, research and consistency, she’s forged a way for others to reevaluate their own food & lifestyle choices through her social media postings, partnerships and recommendations. Her first viral Instagram, @bulldogstuff, even showcased her three super cute, 100% vegan bulldogs! Now, she’s breaking even more ground as the founder of an app called Kompas, her version of Yelp for vegan fare which helps you find vegan restaurants in your area. As of now, Kompas is live in both the San Francisco and San Diego areas, with plans to expand nationwide. 
We recently chatted with Kristina to learn her history with vegan beauty products & why she thinks the movement has gained traction within the personal care industry. Plus, she gave us a few tips on what vegan skincare products she currently swears by!

Personally, what are your core values when it comes to skin care?

Ever since I can remember I’ve been using high quality skin care. I started using my mom’s age rejuvenating products when I was a pre-teen and now, at 30, I can’t get out of the shower without using at least a toner and some moisturizer. My core values for skincare are transparency (knowing exactly what ingredients are in products and where they’re sourced from), and effectiveness (does this actually do what it claims to do for my skin). 

What has been your experience using vegan skincare? 

Even before I went vegan almost 10 years ago I’ve been concerned about clean, simple, plant-based beauty because skincare is the foundation for skin health, so I’ve been diligently reading labels and researching ethical companies for nearly half of my life. I’ve noticed so many brands take note of the popularity of vegan beauty and now you can find options everywhere from the drug stores to department stores! (Interested in trying some but need a little assistance in finding vegan brands near you? This list can help get you started)

What did you notice about your skin mood

Since going vegan and choosing exclusively vegan skincare, my skin mood has changed from super sensitive to fairly tolerant of nearly all environmental factors from the weather to the food I eat. 

Why do you think veganism has gained so much popularity within the beauty community? 

Veganism is typically synonymous with clean, conscious, sustainability and let’s be honest, “rubbing the remnants of dead animals all over one's face and body” doesn’t sound that great for the skin! Jokes aside, the entire planet benefits from vegan beauty because vegan ingredients are more sustainably sourced, and the cruel practices of animal testing and the harvesting of animal byproducts are eliminated.

Where do you see room for improvement? 

There is definitely room for improvement in the sustainability of skincare packaging. It will be beautiful when products, their packaging, and the process by which they are made are completely sustainable and truly clean. Fortunately sustainability has become a focus for consumers, and brands like LUSH and Meow Meow Tweet are committed to using plastic-free, recyclable and recycled materials for packaging.

What are your favorite vegan beauty go-to’s? 

My current favorite skincare product is Saranghae, a Korean skincare brand that uses all vegan ingredients to create their incredibly effective products. I use their 5-Step Routine every day and it’s helped me feel truly beautiful without makeup.

Also, I can’t go anywhere without Hurraw! Their tinted vegan lip balm is the most perfect tint and moisturizer, and they make a great little gift for friends. 

Thank you for chatting with us, Kristina! Mirra Mavens: curious to try vegan skincare after reading this article? If so, just a friendly reminder to always make sure and listen to your skin moods above all else. As with any product, vegan doesn’t automatically equal better for your skin - even if it sits better with you ethically. You’ll still want to take special care of your natural products to ensure efficacy and freshness as you use, and watch out for any adverse reactions. 

Written by Adrianne Neal 


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