Product Roundup: Our Favorite CBD Products

First off, what is CBD?

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is derived from cannabis and has been proven to alleviate a host of bodily ailments. CBD oil can come from either either hemp or marijuana (both of which are different versions of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant). Despite common misconceptions, it can't get you high. According to Laura White, founder of CBD company Soul Addict, "There is absolutely no psychoactive effect when taking it. The ‘high’ feeling we’ve come to associate with the cannabinoid THC found in marijuana is not present when taking hemp-sourced CBD. CBD has several healing effects, which is the biggest reason why people are looking to it as an alternative."

Is it different than THC?

"THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of over 80 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It’s more well-known because of its psychoactive attributes that cause the ‘high feeling’. High levels of THC are mostly found in marijuana vs. the hemp plant," White adds.

Our favorite CBD products: 

Soul Addict Wellness Hemp Elixir

Chill out with this hemp elixir from Soul Addict to combat anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation. The proprietary blend of hemp extract and virgin hemp seed oil is non-intoxicating and extracted using CO2 oil extraction (purest form). Ingesting CBD has been proven to help anxiety, PTSD, and inflammation. A lot of people also use it to help them sleep. Also, because CBD is anti-inflammatory, it helps you when you use it as a topical and when you ingest it. White adds, "the topical application of cannabinoids allows them to be absorbed directly into the affected area for faster and more focused relief." So try adding it to your next DIY face mask!


Pamper yourself with this CBD packed bath bomb. Each bomb is infused with 30mg of phytocannabinoid rich whole plant extract, essential oils, almond oil, and olive oil.

Ojai Energetics Coconut Oil and CBD Moisturizing Cream 

The CBD Coconut Oil from Ojai Energetics is ingestible, you can also buy it for topical use as a skin balm. The oil, $27.95 (5 oz.) and $54.95 (12 oz.), can be purchased at ojaienergetics.com.

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