How To Shop The Halloween Beauty Trend

If you stepped into a Target store in August and September, it’s likely that you were hit by a wall of Halloween decor, costumes, and pumpkin spice everything. And if you’re anything like us, you weren’t mad about it. In fact, you were probably living for it. Like many of you, we’re totally for Halloween becoming a national holiday. Or, maybe the day after, for some much needed recuperation.

Alas, while most people only truly celebrate Halloween in the month of October, there are tons of spooky-themed beauty products that you can use all year long. And let’s be real, none of us are quite ready to let go of pumpkin after Halloween, so why limit ourselves when it comes to fall-inspired skincare? Am I right?! Below, we’ve curated our favorite Halloween and fall beauty products, so you can channel your inner Halloween Queen. 🎃💁👑  

Momoko Therapeutics ‘Pumpkin Patch’ Range

Etsy is like a goldmine when it comes to finding Halloween and fall-themed beauty products. Momoko Therapeutics has tons of natural and vegan spooky products to choose from. From gems like an anti-aging pumpkin face mask to a bath/body oil in a skull jar, you’ll be pampering yourself throughout October (and beyond) in no time. Use code ASKMIRRA through October 30th and get 20% off all orders on Etsy.

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

Pumpkin skincare are all the rage here at Mirra HQ this fall. And this mask is no exception. Combining our love for Vitamin C-filled pumpkin and antibacterial honey, this mask helps to stimulate cell turnover. Plus, glycolic acid gently removes dead skin cells.

Hex ‘Black As Your Soul’ Bath Bomb

Finally, you can bathe in bath water that is as black as your soul. This bath bomb has made its rounds over the internet since its release a few years ago, and we’re still pretty intrigued by the concept. Pop this bath bomb for your next #mirritual bath and you’ll be feeling like a bad witch in no time.

Mad Bear Beauty Cauldron Bath Bomb

This cauldron bath bomb is next level Halloween extra and we’re here for it. Once applied to water, the green bath bomb starts literally frothing over in your tub. No broom required.

Native Deodorant - Pumpkin Spice Latte

PSL lattes are so 2015. Don’t be caught DEAD this year being a basic witch without our favorite new deo - pumpkin spice latte scented, of course. It’s paraben free and aluminum free - as natural and non-toxic as can be, just how we like it here at Mirra.

Lush Halloween Collection

And, of course, we couldn’t leave lush off this list. With its cult-favorite spooky collection arriving just in time for Halloween, it continues to be a top contender for all our Halloween queens out there. From pumpkin bath bombs to black lip tints to green shower gel, there’s a product for everyone out there! Witches betta have my Halloween beauty.   

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