Fall Lookbook: Colors That Complement Your Complexion

Fall Lookbook: Colors That Complement Your Complexion I Mirra Skincare

The fresh breeze, the colorful trees, and the overpriced pumpkin spices lattes can only mean one thing: fall is here! And as sad as we are to see summer go (not really), fall gives us the chance to express ourselves in ways we did not get to in the summer like wearing our favorite full coverage foundation without the fear of it melting off. As beauty brands now rush to drop their fall makeup collections, we curated the perfect makeup colors that complement your skin tone so you can experiment all season.


1. What's My Skin Tone?

2. Extremely Fair Skin and Fair Skin

3. Medium Skin and Olive Skin

4. Brown Skin and Dark Skin

Key Points

  • Based on the natural undertones of your complexion, different colors will either blend or pop.
  • There are six umbrella categories for skin tone that you can use as a guide.
  • Check out the products from a range of brands and see which colors you like best.

What’s My Skin Tone?

Before you discover the colors that complement your skin tone you have to figure out what your skin tone is. According to Dr. Fitzpatrick, who is considered the most influential dermatologist of the last 100 years, there are 6 main skin tones:

1. Extremely fair skin: Extremely fair skin tone has pale white skin due to the lowest melanin content. People with such skin are very susceptible to sunburn even with little sun exposure. However, this skin does not tan rapidly.

2. Fair skin: Skin is characterized by pale or fair color. Skin easily burns, tans, and peels in the presence of sunlight. People with this complexion also get freckles when exposed to the sun.

3. Medium skin: People with type 3 skin have fair to beige color, with golden undertones. In sun exposure, skin receives burns occasionally. Instead of getting freckles, skin tans uniformly.

4. Olive skin: In this type, skin appears light brown in color. People with this tone rarely experience sunburn but are at greater risk of tan when exposed to sunlight.

5. Brown skin: The brown skin color rarely burns but tans easily. Type 5 skin type people rarely have freckles.

6. Dark Skin: Skin has higher melanin levels as compared to other skin types. Due to the elevated melanin content people with dark skin do not receive sunburn and freckles (though you should still always wear sunscreen). 

While these 6 skin types are broad umbrellas and skin undertones should be taken into account, these broad skin tones cover almost everyone.  

Extremely Fair Skin and Fair Skin

It can be hard for those with pale skin to find colors that complement their skin but with fair skin it is important that you stick to cool and neutral face products. For example, cool-toned  bronzers work the best as warm-bronzers can come off as too strong and harsh. Neutral beige will give you the desired warm and sculpted look. A perfect bronzer is Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer in the light and original shades.

For eyeshadows, while warm toned palettes can work, neutral and rosy-pink toned palettes look the best as these colors tend to make their eye colors pop. The best eyeshadow palettes include

To complement the neutral eyes a rosy pink blush normally looks the best and with this you can go bold with your lipsticks. Orangey-red shades and brown-based pinks will make you stand out fit your overall complexion

Medium Skin and Olive Skin

For medium/tan or olive skin the colors that complement your skin tend to have a reddish base and this is especially true for bronzers. Bronzers with a cooler undertone work better for pale skin but one medium/olive skin will only leave looking ashy or grey. Bronzers with a red base are perfect for giving that desired look like the Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer in Bajan Gyal.

For eyeshadows, reddish browns, coppers and burnt oranges work really well, grey and neutral tones can work but you may have trouble getting them to make your eyes pop. Both Fenty Beauty and Huda Beauty have released warmed toned eyeshadow palettes with shimmers that will make your eyelids shine.

To complement the brown eyes, a coral blush will help stabilize the look without the eyes and the cheeks competing.With this, you can go bolder and darker on the lips. Not only will it look the best on your skin tone but dark lips are a staple in fall makeup trends.

Brown Skin and Dark Skin

For deeper skin tones, colors that complement your skin are the deep dark browns and reds with bold and bright shades that make the colors stand out even more. Avoiding neutral and grey shades are your best bet because it will leave you looking dry or ashy. In the bronzers and blush department, deep dark brown with a reddish base will give you that sun kissed  “laying out by the beach” look you are looking for while hot pink and red or orange blush will truly make your cheeks shine. 

For eyeshadows, the copper browns and shimmery opaque golds work really well, it is best to stay far away from grey and neutral tones as it might not be pigmented enough to show up on your skin tone. The Anastasia Beverly Hills X Jackie Aina soft glam palette makes for the perfect fall palette with deep browns and opaque shimmers.

Because it’s fall you can either choose a deep brown or burgundy, paired with the warm eyes and cheeks may be overwhelming on other skin tones but  because these colors complement you so well you look glowy and warmed by the fall sun.

With these tips your makeup game will be unmatched this fall season!

Fall Lookbook: Colors That Complement Your Complexion I Mirra Skincare

Written by Ananda York


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