The Benefits of Avocado For Skin, Hair, & Health Are Too Good To Be True

The Benefits of Avocado For Skin, Hair, & Health Are Too Good To Be True I Mirra Skincare

Most people associate avocados with just another salad topper or something to spread on a piece of toast. However, what people don’t realize is that avocados are one of Earth’s best natural remedies for a variety of beauty and health issues. There are a multitude of benefits of avocado for healthier hair, skin, and overall bodily health. 


1. A superfood with endless benefits

2. The benefits of avocado for skin

3. The benefits of avocado for healthier hair

4. The benefits of avocado for overall health

5. Final thoughts 

Key Points

  1. Avocados are filled with many necessary vitamins and nutrients that are essential to maintaining and promoting bodily health
  2. When applied on skin or hair, avocados provide nourishing, soothing, and strengthening properties 
  3. Healthy fats found in avocados greatly assist cardiovascular and mental health

A superfood with endless benefits

So why is this green fruit so great for you? Avocados are classified as a superfood that contains fiber, potassium, healthy fats, and a huge quantity of natural vitamins that your body craves. 

Some people may jump when told that avocados contain “fats”, but these heart-healthy fats are essential for decreasing cardiovascular inflammation, as well as maintaining other necessary organ functions. 

Avocados are also specifically known for being rich in vitamins C, E, and K, which all work to improve overall health and complexion. Complexion you may ask? Well, this “superfood” can also act as an external “super-skin” or “super-hair” care product! 

The benefits of avocado for skin

When applied directly to the skin, the vitamins in avocados can brighten and make your skin glow. Even Paula’s Choice recognizes avocado oil and avocados as a best ingredient from their ingredient dictionary. Let’s take a look at the endless benefits of avocados for your skin. 

1. Preventing dry skin

Ditch the moisturizer (not actually), but a great natural way to help with dry skin is to apply avocado. Avocados contain Biotin and Vitamin E, which are essentially known for their strengthening and moisturizing properties. When applied topically, the biotin and the vitamin E absorb into the skin, making it easier to remove dead skin cells and regenerate new ones. 

2. Calming acne

Avocado oil contains antimicrobial properties that help fight off bacteria that can contribute to breakouts and certain irritable and oily skin moods. Using avocado oil on top of a breakout can lead to reduced irritation and redness in those areas. 

3. Tightening skin and reducing wrinkles

Similarly to how avocados work to reduce the inflammation of acne, the same antimicrobial properties work to fight wrinkles and the inflammation the skin might see from aging. The jam packed ingredient of vitamin E also works to soften and smooth the skin, contributing to less harsh lines and wrinkles seen on the face. 

How to use on skin

Here are a few ways to work avocado into your skin routine:

  • Avocado and Coconut Oil Mask

Want smoother skin? Mix together ½ of a ripe avocado and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Mix until a paste is created and leave on skin for 20-30 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

  • Avocado, honey, apple cider vinegar

Need to calm an angry skin mood? Try mixing together ¼ of an avocado, ½  tsp of apple cider vinegar, and 2 tbsp of raw organic honey. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. 

  • Avocado oil

There are many ways to incorporate avocado oil to maximize your skin routine. The easiest way would be to simply massage a pea size amount of the oil onto your face and rub in until no residue is left. Another way would be to add a drop into your nightly moisturizer or to leave on as a mask for 30 minutes before bed. 

The benefits of avocado for healthier hair

It’s easy to fall into a cycle of using heat products over and over again until we feel like our hair is just a hopeless dead nest that will never be healthy again. Some people result in getting expensive professional treatment instead of researching more natural ways to aid broken hair. Little do they know that the bundle of nutrients contained in avocados can be a great way to aid brittle hair. 

1. Moisture

When applied to hair, the healthy fatty acids and oils contained in avocados yield hydrating properties to help mend brittle and dry hair. These fats work to nourish the hair from the scalp down, providing it with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to revive itself.

2. Promoting hair strength and growth:

Avocados, specifically avocado oil, contains three key components for promoting stronger and healthier hair. Those three components include Biotin, Potassium, and Magnesium. These minerals have been proven to help bond hair cuticle cells together to produce stronger and shinier hair. With stronger hair comes less breakage, thus also allowing for accelerated hair growth and long luscious locks.

How to use on hair

  • One ingredient avocado hair mask
  • Mash up one ripe avocado and spread on damp hair from root all the way down to the tips. Repeat until your entire head is covered in the mashed up avocado. Leave on for 30 minutes or more and then rinse out before fully washing hair.
  • Aloe and avocado 
  • Say goodbye to brittle hair. Both aloe and avocado contain vitamin E and other moisturizing properties to soften and strengthen hair. Mash up ½ of a ripe avocado and mix with 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel and 1 tsp of avocado oil. Spread throughout hair evenly and leave for a minimum of 30 minutes. Rinse out and shampoo right after.

The benefits of avocado for overall health

When incorporated into your daily or weekly diets, avocados have been shown to aid with a variety of health concerns. According to a study done in the early 2000’s, people who ate avocados regularly were proven to have better dietary quality, a lower BMI than those who did not eat avocados, and high levels of nutrient intake. Some of the health benefits of avocados when ingested include:

1. Increasing cardiovascular health

The healthy monounsaturated fats in avocados work to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, thus benefiting the heart. Additionally, other nutrients such as fiber and antioxidants contribute to building a happy and healthy heart.

2. Improving vision

Aging and electronic use can cause our vision to waver, making day to day activities a bit harder. Luckily, avocados contain an antioxidant called Lutein, which is proven by optometrists to maintain and improve healthy cells in the eyes. The lutein works to filter out harmful blue light that may otherwise contribute to weak vision.

3. Mental health

The fatty acids in this superfood help to balance hormones, which as we know, can have a direct effect on mood. Dr. Axe and other holistic doctors have correlated high healthy fat diets with a decrease in anxiety and depression levels. Avocados are not a full cure for any mental health struggle, but they may aid in working towards a happier and healthier self when incorporated into a weekly diet.

Final thoughts 

Avocados are a fantastic source of nutrients and all the healthy fats your body can dream of to strengthen and maintain it’s healthy self. The recipes for using avocados as an external remedy or just your breakfast are infinite. Try getting creative in how you incorporate this green fruit into your everyday life and see how your body and health begins to change.

The Benefits of Avocado For Skin, Hair, & Health Are Too Good To Be True I Mirra Skincare

Written by Emma Carlson


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